We beleve that a Photograph has Power and a Dream.

写真のプロセスはFilmからDigitalになり大幅に変わってきました。 多くの商品写真がCGなどで制作されるようになり、本当の写真かと見間違えるほどクオリティが高くなって来ています。 それはそれでとても素晴らしい事だと思います。
studio M2ではできる限りの技術を使って写真表現でしか醸し出せない世界観と賞味期限の永い写真を提供したいと考えています。

The process of photography changed from Film to Digital and it has changed significantly. Many product photographs are produced by CG etc., and the quality is getting higher enough to make a mistake as to whether it is a true picture. We think that is very wonderful.

studio M2 wishes to provide long-term photographs of the world view and expiration date that can be brought up only with photographic expression using as much technology as possible.